Trump Should Ignore the Media

The mainstream media must now earn the trust of the American people or face extinction as a source of news in this country.  Donald Trump owes his astonishing victory to his brilliant plan to take his message directly to the American people via social media and mass rallies.  Recognizing early on that he could not allow the main stream press to define his candidacy, he manipulated their coverage and dominated their broadcast time and print space, but did not rely on them to communicate.  Instead he used them to foil any focus on Hillary’s message while simultaneously avoiding their efforts to monopolize the view the American people had of him and his message.

As he did throughout his campaign, President Trump should continue to avoid the beltway pundit class and the mainstream media and continue to take his message directly to the America people.  The press and pundits have proven themselves incapable and, even worse, unwilling to treat conservatives fairly, honestly and objectively.  Until such a time as they address this failing of their responsibilities as journalists, they should not be given any special consideration as a communication source.

Hearkening back to Roosevelt’s fireside chats, the most effective method of communication for President Trump will continue to be direct and unfiltered.  The reliance on the press has been ruined by their insistence on filtering and interpreting everything via their biases and agendas.   Trump has proven that new media is much more effective than reliance on traditional media and he should not surrender this important victory despite the weeping and wailing coming from the swamp!  Now more than ever clarity of message is critical to conservatives and their efforts to undo some of the more onerous accomplishments of the progressive elitists in government and media such as Obamacare.

The talking heads on tv and cable can continue to chatter to themselves, but the American people are no longer listening.  However, these supposed paragons of journalistic integrity will not willingly or easily relinquish the power and influence they have come to expect.  They are trying, in cooperation with their friends and allies among the progressive political class, to silence and censor the voices of the new media by painting with the broad brush of “fake news.”  By using the random and rare example of some unknown hack publishing an blog or YouTube site,  they mean to color and brand every conservative voice as hateful, bigoted or whatever label they can make stick so that these voices will be drowned out and silenced forever.

We cannot allow this to happen.  Even if we must protect the free speech rights of the most vile and spiteful leftist, socialist, progressive or anarchist out there, we must not allow free speech to be restricted any further.  The internet is the freest form of mass communication invented outside of the human voice itself and we cannot allow the leftists and progressives to encroach a single step further on this fragile freedom.   We must protect all free speech or we cannot protect any free speech.   Kudos to Trump for recognizing the unique opportunity offered by the new media, and lets all work together to ensure new media remains free media!

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