Hate Crime Laws Promote Inequality!

Consider this: Hate crime laws put a specific group to which the victim of a crime may belong above the individual. Why is that important? Who is the victim? Is it the group? No, the victim of a crime is the individual. Was the crime committed against that individual already an illegal act for which... Continue Reading →

Gun Control 101: Laws Don’t Prevent Crime!

It is important that we always remember this very critical fact:  Laws are punitive not preventive! Laws punish behavior. Laws do NOT prevent behavior. If laws could actually prevent crimes from occurring, our prisons would be empty and no one would ever be murdered, assaulted, raped or robbed.  After all - its against the law!... Continue Reading →

In Defense of Roseanne: Freedom of Speech

Have we become so mentally infantile that we cannot even bear hearing things we disagree with without immediately launching a boycott or “die-in” protest? Are we such children that the mere thought of hearing opposing ideas, derogatory language or inflammatory words is enough to send us wailing into the tyrannical arms of bureaucrats? Those of... Continue Reading →

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