Fake News: The Propaganda of Our Time – Part 1

If you think fake news is anything modern or unprecedented, you have failed to listen to the voices of history.    Fake news used to be called exactly what it is: propaganda. It is critical that we take a minute or two and step back from the loud cacophonous sounds of what passes for public debate... Continue Reading →

If you are not a man, stop talking about masculinity. If you are a man, start!

If you are not a male, stop talking about masculinity.  There, I said it. I stand by it as well. If you are not a man, your only insight into masculinity is your narrow, personal subjective experiences with a minuscule representation of men.  In other words, you don’t know anything about the topic beyond your... Continue Reading →

Dostoevsky – Still Relevant!

I had only read Dostoevsky back in my teenage years.  I can’t recall now if it was for a school assignment or just part of my voracious reading habit.  Such are the effects of my faulty memory, and as I work my way through yet another decade of life a seemingly common occurrence.   Recently, the... Continue Reading →

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