The True Racists in Politics

It is passing strange how supposedly “educated” students have been shouting and carrying signs in a manufactured “outrage” and who charge all those who disagree with them (Trump, primarily) as being the KKK., Fascists, racists, when absolutely nothing could be further from the truth. Those three labels bantered about by the truly ignorant or the willfully ignorant propagandists such as “#All of Us 2016,” Democrats in general, and all who have been propagandized instead of being truly educated in the well-documented facts in U.S. history—which are open to any who desires to shed his/her ignorance as demonstrated in the actions and voices in the protests. “Nazi” stands for The National Socialist German Workers Party Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, which has much more in common with the Democrat Party (Left wing) than the Republican Party (Right wing). So instead of “protesting” with the Nazi symbols and false accusations of Fascism (Fascism is also left-wing socialism), which you claim to hate, you should be celebrating now that the real Nazis and real Fascists and real left-wing KKK (Democrats) are finally out of power and the Constitutional Republicans are once again in power. Selah

Today’s Democrat “uncle Tom’s” who have prostituted their integrity and who have much to lose if the truth gets out into the public arena, including Jessie Jackson, the racist NAACP, Al Sharpton and so forth—all of whom are ignorant of the rich, powerful, and productive political history of Republican Black Americans beginning immediately after Emancipation.

Fact: The Slave Holding Confederate States of America have violently and murderously held on to their racist, Nazi, and Fascist agenda since the Party was founded.

Fact: The 3/5 Clause has nothing to do with “worth”—it was a measure to limit the slave-holding Democrats from gaining more seats in Congress by counting their “property” (slaves) as citizens.

Fact: 13th Amendment—all 118 Republicans voted to end slavery while only 19 of 82 (23%) Democrats voted for the amendment.

Fact: 14th Amendment—94% of Republicans voted to give former slaves full citizenship while no Democrat voted for the amendment.

Fact: 15th Amendment—All Republicans voted to grant full voting rights to the former slaves while not a single Democrat voted to do so.

Fact: Democrats coerced the newly enfranchised Black Americans by threat, violence, and death to get them to vote Democrat.

Fact: All lynchings of Black Americans were done by Democrats in the south.

Fact: The infamous, vile, Ku Klux Klan was founded by the Democrat Party, supported by the Democrat Party, funded by the Democrat Party, proudly owned by the Democrat Party*, recruited for by the Democrat Party and the first film ever shown at the White House was the equally vile “The Birth of a Nation” (based on the book History of the American People by the racist and then-Democrat President Woodrow Wilson)—a film produced to recruit for the KKK.

Fact: The Democrat Party fought every legislative effort to maintain the newly gained civil rights of Black Americans throughout the late 1800’s and through the 1900s until the 1964 Civil Rights Act which was passed by the Republicans over fierce opposition and filibuster by the Democrat Party leaders—Senator Robert Byrd (W.Va.), a former Klan member, and Richard Russell of Georgia.

If, and it is a big IF, one wishes to contradict this piece he/she should first challenge themselves
to purchase and read: “Setting the Record Straight: American History in Black & White” which contains 29 pages in micro-elite type of documentations and a 11 page bibliography covering the above comments.

The book is companion to a DVD by the same name and both are available at:

* Testimony…to Inquire…in the late Insurrectionary States, Vol. III, p. 97, testimony of E.W. Sweibels on June 22, 1871.

Truth Never Fears a Challenge


I am thankful for you!

As I sit here after some great taste testing for tomorrow (sorry family, the pies are all delicious, but missing slices), I begin catching up on facebook posts from my friends only to encounter a story from one about some ignorant bigot harassing their family.
It made me stop and appreciate some things.
I am so grateful I live in America. I love that I am privileged to live in a land where the rights of the individual – all individuals – are sacred and where the government was instituted, not to rule the people, but to protect those rights. I love that I live in a republic where the tyranny of the majority is rejected in favor of the liberty of the individual.
I am grateful that I live in a land where you can choose to be straight, gay, bi, trans, gender (insert label) but where we don’t care about the labels, because as a nation we care about the people! I am grateful that we have liberals, conservatives, progressives, libertarians, anarchists, socialists and individualists, because nothing proves we have freedom better than by demonstrating that freedom by expressing your own mind!
I’m glad we have religious people such as Christians, Jews, Buddhists, statists, Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs and even atheists too. Nothing proves you can believe whatever you want than actually believing whatever you want!
I love that we can disagree, discuss and debate, compromise and work together. Our individual uniqueness (not our group associations or labels) is what makes America amazing!  Be you in all of your glorious individuality!
I do not want a homogeneous society that only thinks like I do, believes what I believe or likes what I like. Except on one important part — we all have to agree that individual rights are paramount or nothing else matters.
If we do not agree on this one thing, then this great experiment in self-governance has failed and we are swiftly headed back into the darkness of tyranny in one form or another.
The political class does not believe this any longer. They do not believe in individual rights or individual worth. They believe in societal rights and obligations. They do not respect the individual nor do they wish to protect the individual. They want to exploit the individual and sacrifice the individual, me or even you for their version of what society should be rather than just letting us all live our own lives as we see fit. True liberty is scary to the political class, because if we govern ourselves, we do not need them.
That is why I am also grateful that the political class lost this past election. If you are an individual – and I know you are. If you want to live your life according to your own values and beliefs – and I know you do. If you want to love who you want to love, say what you want to say, go where you want to go, express yourself in your own unique way – and I am positive you do! Then you too should be grateful that Trump won this past election.  Fear is being created by the political class (establishment politicians) and the chattering class (media) to scare you back into line with their agenda.  But they do not care about you!  They care only about their power and control!
If you are straight or not; if you are white, black, brown, purple, pink or aquamarine; if you are religious or not; if you are political or not; then a return to the founding precepts of our nation – limited government (ie a government limited to protecting your rights) – is exactly what you need! Hillary would have only been a continuation of the erosion of personal liberty to the machinations of the political class while your liberties are further and further eroded.
In closing, I am most of all grateful for all of my wonderful friends who represent so many diverse viewpoints, values and beliefs! You challenge me, help me to grow and convince me even more than we all must protect each others individual rights.
I can promise you if you ever need my help to protect those rights for you and yours, to safeguard your life or theirs, to stand up against tyranny in all of its many forms – I will be here.  I am here. I am grateful that I can stand with you for you! We must all stand together!
Happy thanksgiving to everyone and may it be a truly blessed and wonderful day for you all!

Not Caring About Your Label

For everyone who did not vote for Trump in this election:.

I have, like many of my fellow conservative and libertarian, noticed a fair amount of shock, concern, fear and general panic in the posts, protests and other reactions from those of you on the left. It seems you think that we are all racist, sexist, xenophobic, Islamophobic or some other kind of ism or phobic. Just like you have for decades now, you still completely miss the point and fail to understand who we actually are.

We are the people who don’t care!

Thus is going to come as a shock to you, but we don’t care. It’s true.

We don’t care.

We just do not care.

We don’t care about your labels. We don’t care if you are LGBT. We don’t care if your ethnic heritage is from another continent. We don’t care if your melanin level is different. We don’t care if your first language was not English. We don’t care about what gender you are or how you define your own identity.

You assume because we don’t care about your labels that we don’t care about the person behind those labels. You assume because we don’t care about your labels that we think less of you as a person.
You assume because we don’t care about your labels that we hate or despise you.
You assume because we don’t care about your labels that we wish you harm.
You assume because we don’t care about your labels that we want to strip away your freedom and rights.

Nothing could be further from the truth.  You fail to understand us at all.

That’s why Trump won.

Trump won because he appealed to those of us who don’t care.

Trump had support from EVERY label we don’t care about because labels are useless, pointless and demeaning.

We don’t even care about the labels conservative or libertarian, independent or liberal anymore.

This election was about two ideological battles that are being waged. Globalism versus Nationalism and Individualism versus Statism.

The left ran a deeply flawed candidate who supports globalism and Statism. That candidate did not run on those two issues though. She ran on labels. You who care about personal labels supported her.

The right ran a deeply flawed candidate who supports Nationalism and Individualism. That candidate ran on those two issues. He did not run on labels. Those of us who don’t care about labels supported him.

Your life is defined by your labels. It is understandable that you feel like your very existence is being threatened when so many people don’t vote for the candidate who ran on those labels. But we were not voting against you or your labels. Remember we don’t care about your labels.

What we do care about is our future. Yours and ours. All American futures.

America is a unique country. The rights of the individual rule here. The government is not supposed to rule here. We are supposed to be self governing! That is why we reject the world of labels. The world of labels is divisive and the opposite of self rule. We become something other than a government of, by and for the people! We become subjects of a group defined by a label or the lack of a label. We become much less than people. We become statistics to a government bureaucracy. All rights for every individual are lessened or destroyed in a land of labels.

You are so much more than a label. That label you have been carrying around for so long seems so important to you because the globalists and statists want you to focus only on your label, but that cheapens you.

You, the individual, are more than that word. There are so many dreams, ideas, hopes and plans inside of you. You are full of promise and potential. You are creating the future. You have to decide if you want a future defined by labels or a future filled with individuals free to pursue their own life liberty and happiness.

We don’t care it’s true
About your labels only you
We only care about you
Let us show it’s true

We care about you. All of you. Not your label because labels divide.

We care about you. We dream of a world without labels! We voted for that too!

Leave the labels behind. They are a tool of the globalists and statists. They do not describe the entirety of who you are! They pale in comparison to the wonder that is you! Be you! Be an individualist!

We don’t care about those labels and I hope you can also not care about them too.

If you are scared, we will protect you
If you need a hug, we have an endless supply
If you need help, there are millions of us waiting and wanting to help
If you are afraid for your rights, join the fight for your individual rights and reject the political class filled with globalists and statists!

We do care about you

America – Land of the Individual!

Final thought on the election. Regardless of which candidate you supported, regardless of the outcome, the fact of the matter is that government will not and the government CANNOT fix America. What is broken, breaking or strained in this country is a result of all of us who make up this great nation.
America was founded upon INDIVIDUALISM! The thought, nay the principle, that if you give the individual freedom and limit government to the protection of their God–given rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness that is when people will be free to achieve true greatness.
We do not need government to tell us who we are permitted to marry, what we can put in or on our bodies, where we can live, who we can associate with, what we can say or even what weapons we can use to protect our own freedoms from any and all threats to them.
What we need is for all of us individuals to stand up, clarify our core values, recognize that it is strong individuals and only strong individuals who can make a true republic like ours work. You see, regardless of what you were taught in school, America was and still is unique in the world! For the first time in the history of mankind, the government was instituted not to tell people how to live, but to protect their freedom and ability to live as they individually chose!
Why do we have an electoral college instead of a popular vote? To avoid the tyranny of the majority over the rights of the individual. The electoral college guarantees that every vote is important and that to win the highest office in the land, you have to persuade the widest range of people from the greatest number of congressional districts to vote for you!
Why did the founding fathers count the vote of slaves as only being a 1/3 of a vote? To prevent the slave owners from simply bringing in hundreds of slaves to pad the votes for their preferred slave-supporting politicians. Since the slave owner could simply say that everyone under his control was going to vote a certain way, this would have enabled them to run roughshod over the rest of the country. It was not a sign of bigotry or hatred of blacks. It was to avoid the possibility that slave owners would be able to spread their evil institution and even enshrine it into our country permanently. Thus they again sought to protect the rights of the individual against the tyranny of the majority.
Thus these two often disparaged facts of our founding actually led to the eventual destruction of the institution of slavery in the country by preventing the tyranny of majority from undermining the rights of the individual. Slave owners never got to the point where they could outvote the rest of the country which led directly to the election of the very first Republican president, Abraham Lincoln. The very president that would go on to usher in the demise of slavery in America. Had the electoral college not existed, had slave votes not been limited, he could never have won that election.
That is why we, as Americans, should be very proud of the forethought and wisdom of our founding fathers. They understood that the best form of government was, is and will always be SELF–Government! If the rights and freedoms of the individual are protected but not hindered, hampered, restricted or infringed, this nation of good-hearted people, this nation of people that spilled their own blood to destroy slavery, this nation that sacrificed to save Europe and the world from the true tyranny of socialism (national and global), this nation that to this very day is the only place on the planet where people of every faith, creed, ethnicity, or any other categorization you want to use can be free to be the individual they choose to be – this nation can endure and remain the beacon of hope and optimism that the rest of the world looks to in times of turmoil and danger.
my fellow countrymen and women – let us not rely on government to fix our nation. After all, our nation is just us, the people, the individuals. We are what is broken – we need to fix ourselves and recognize the intrinsic value of everyone of us. Just because we disagree with some people, just because we have different values or beliefs, this is not grounds for hatred, name-calling, bigotry, violence or fear! It is grounds for building dialogue and respecting that someone can have a different opinion about something and that is a good thing! We need to hear every side of an issue, and then in our best ability work to find a way forward.
What we must ALWAYS agree on, though, is that the freedom and rights enshrined in our Constitution, but intrinsic to our very existence as individuals, must always be protected and never infringed or weakened!!
Forgive my long–winded writing here as well as my poor writing skills in general. I hope i was able to convey what was in my heart. God bless you all and God bless America – the land of the free because of the brave individuals.

Its All About the Supreme Court

Voters in America, you need understand something very important. You are not playing the same game as the political leadership in this country. You are voting on issues and they are acting on a singular agenda. You are getting wrapped up in minor details and distracted by media stories while they are implementing policies and drafting treaties and agreements. You are getting upset about what this candidate said or that candidate’s media soundbite of the minute. They are confidently moving and acting on a global scale.

You see, the political leadership and for accuracy’s sake, the financial leadership as well, are globalist in their outlook, goals and agenda. They will do or say anything to advance this cause. They want singular global governance, coordinated currencies, open borders (read end of national identity) and open trade. They do not care about identity, values, morals, ethics or beliefs except where they impede or advance this agenda.

You, on the other hand, do not read the national political landscape in these terms. You do not view national politics in the lens of globalism versus nationalism. You do not look to see if this treaty or that agreement further weaken your national sovereignty or limit the freedoms you inherently possess. To the globalist, there is nothing special or unique about America. It is one more nation amid the many nations on the planet. In their view nations need to be lumped into economic zones irrespective of their national identity or uniqueness. To their eyes America and North Korea are exactly the same. They have people and resources that need to be controlled, organized and exploited for the advancement of wealth and power for the political class. In their cold calculus, nations are viewed in terms of their pliability and level of control. As the recent WikiLeaks exposed, they want a compliant and unaware population. Bread and circuses to use the Roman equivalent.

That is what you are up against in this current election. This is not about what Donald Trump said in a private conversation more than a decade ago. This is not about whether or not Donald Trump paid any federal income tax over the last 20 years. This is not about Republican versus Democrat. This election is about the last line of defense against the erosion of your individual freedoms and the disappearance of your national sovereignty.

The political class, the political establishment both republican and democrat, want you to focus on your hot button issues, argue back and forth between yourselves over what are to them inconsequential matters, as long as you willingly and completely destroy any threat to their agenda. They do not need to personally stop Donald Trump. They just need you to focus on the right hand while the left takes your wallet. It is classic misdirection. If you will get emotionally upset about some hot button topic and refuse to participate in this election, then they will win by default and that is all that they need. They do not need you to vote for Hillary, they just want to ensure that you don’t vote for Trump, and it will have the same effect.

There is one very important issues raised in this election that does concern them very much, the Supreme Court. They need to ensure that the final voice in American jurisprudence is amicable to the continued destruction of national sovereignty and the evisceration of the Constitution. That is why they are so adamant that Donald Trump never gets to appoint a single Justice to the court, let alone the potential 3-4 others over the next 8 years. This is it – this is what this election is ALL about. Globalism versus nationalism and the Supreme Court is the final key.

If you need proof, just look at the absolute refusal of the Republican leadership to actually stop any of Obama’s political actions that weaken our national sovereignty or concentrate more power in the hands of the federal government by stripping away your basic Constitutional freedoms. Have you been unable to understand why the Republican leadership has acted the way that it has? It is because they share the same globalist agenda that their Democrat counterparts have. Why do they have the same agenda? Because they are either true believers in this agenda or have been bought and paid for by financial institutions driving the globalist agenda. For example, George Soros does not even hide it – he called his organization the Open Borders Foundation.

Folks, I cannot make this issue any plainer. If you are voting for Hillary Clinton or refusing to vote for Donald Trump, you are voting to allow the continual destruction of our country and the expansion of the power of the global political elite. Do you believe America is special? Do you believe that you have inherent rights and that government’s sole role is to defend those rights? Do you believe that our republic is unique and different than North Korea or Brazil or Greece? Do you want to stop the erosion of your freedoms and the destruction of your national sovereignty?

Britain led the way with Brexit, refusing to any longer participate in the globalist agenda that was destroying everything it meant to be British in exchange for open borders and free trade (along with the ridiculous bureaucratic nightmare that comes hand in hand with it). Vote for Donald Trump and STOP this globalist agenda. This may very well be your last chance.