Its All About the Supreme Court

Voters in America, you need understand something very important. You are not playing the same game as the political leadership in this country. You are voting on issues and they are acting on a singular agenda. You are getting wrapped up in minor details and distracted by media stories while they are implementing policies and drafting treaties and agreements. You are getting upset about what this candidate said or that candidate’s media soundbite of the minute. They are confidently moving and acting on a global scale.

You see, the political leadership and for accuracy’s sake, the financial leadership as well, are globalist in their outlook, goals and agenda. They will do or say anything to advance this cause. They want singular global governance, coordinated currencies, open borders (read end of national identity) and open trade. They do not care about identity, values, morals, ethics or beliefs except where they impede or advance this agenda.

You, on the other hand, do not read the national political landscape in these terms. You do not view national politics in the lens of globalism versus nationalism. You do not look to see if this treaty or that agreement further weaken your national sovereignty or limit the freedoms you inherently possess. To the globalist, there is nothing special or unique about America. It is one more nation amid the many nations on the planet. In their view nations need to be lumped into economic zones irrespective of their national identity or uniqueness. To their eyes America and North Korea are exactly the same. They have people and resources that need to be controlled, organized and exploited for the advancement of wealth and power for the political class. In their cold calculus, nations are viewed in terms of their pliability and level of control. As the recent WikiLeaks exposed, they want a compliant and unaware population. Bread and circuses to use the Roman equivalent.

That is what you are up against in this current election. This is not about what Donald Trump said in a private conversation more than a decade ago. This is not about whether or not Donald Trump paid any federal income tax over the last 20 years. This is not about Republican versus Democrat. This election is about the last line of defense against the erosion of your individual freedoms and the disappearance of your national sovereignty.

The political class, the political establishment both republican and democrat, want you to focus on your hot button issues, argue back and forth between yourselves over what are to them inconsequential matters, as long as you willingly and completely destroy any threat to their agenda. They do not need to personally stop Donald Trump. They just need you to focus on the right hand while the left takes your wallet. It is classic misdirection. If you will get emotionally upset about some hot button topic and refuse to participate in this election, then they will win by default and that is all that they need. They do not need you to vote for Hillary, they just want to ensure that you don’t vote for Trump, and it will have the same effect.

There is one very important issues raised in this election that does concern them very much, the Supreme Court. They need to ensure that the final voice in American jurisprudence is amicable to the continued destruction of national sovereignty and the evisceration of the Constitution. That is why they are so adamant that Donald Trump never gets to appoint a single Justice to the court, let alone the potential 3-4 others over the next 8 years. This is it – this is what this election is ALL about. Globalism versus nationalism and the Supreme Court is the final key.

If you need proof, just look at the absolute refusal of the Republican leadership to actually stop any of Obama’s political actions that weaken our national sovereignty or concentrate more power in the hands of the federal government by stripping away your basic Constitutional freedoms. Have you been unable to understand why the Republican leadership has acted the way that it has? It is because they share the same globalist agenda that their Democrat counterparts have. Why do they have the same agenda? Because they are either true believers in this agenda or have been bought and paid for by financial institutions driving the globalist agenda. For example, George Soros does not even hide it – he called his organization the Open Borders Foundation.

Folks, I cannot make this issue any plainer. If you are voting for Hillary Clinton or refusing to vote for Donald Trump, you are voting to allow the continual destruction of our country and the expansion of the power of the global political elite. Do you believe America is special? Do you believe that you have inherent rights and that government’s sole role is to defend those rights? Do you believe that our republic is unique and different than North Korea or Brazil or Greece? Do you want to stop the erosion of your freedoms and the destruction of your national sovereignty?

Britain led the way with Brexit, refusing to any longer participate in the globalist agenda that was destroying everything it meant to be British in exchange for open borders and free trade (along with the ridiculous bureaucratic nightmare that comes hand in hand with it). Vote for Donald Trump and STOP this globalist agenda. This may very well be your last chance.

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