The Path of Honor: Why Feminism Results in “Toxic” Masculinity

The idea of “toxic” masculinity is being created both as a concept and as an experience by feminism.

What the left and feminists define as toxic masculinity, men define as immaturity.  What they define as “toxic” is the perfect illustration of an immature man.  The “toxic” male is a male who has either left or has not been shown the Path of Honor that men should walk in this world.  As men, it is our biological, spiritual and personal duty and obligation.  Becoming a man in its fullest expression involves shouldering the responsibility of this duty, the acceptance of this path.

Being a male in any species, but especially the human species, involves fulfilling a specific role.  Despite what the left likes to believe, gender roles are not a construct of culture, but of neurology, biology and chemistry.  Cultures shape the accepted behaviors of males in that culture, but they do not change their fundamental existence or necessity.

Being sentient creatures, we have the ability and responsibility (yes, this word is going to show up a lot) to understand and apply our physiological realities into our daily lives and actions.  As men, we have specific role to fulfill that is placed upon us as protectors and providers for those we have accepted responsibility.

These may sound like archaic words to the millennial generation now that peace and prosperity have become the norm for much of the planet, but the mere existence of this present normative peaceful experience is due to the role honorable men have played and still play and the Path of Honor they have followed to this point. It is maintained every day by men who follow the Path of Honor.

What is this Path of Honor?  It is the dividing line between chaos and order, the domination of aggression by principle, the subjugation of unbridled lust to the control of love and mercy – it is Power Constrained by Principles.  It is what separates a man from a boy.  It is the demarcation of maturity and the true nature of masculinity.

We are men – which means we are born with intense energy and power.  Physical and mental power – raw, potent and aggressive.  It is the power to channel fear into discipline, to unleash courage in the face of danger, to cross over the mountain, to dive into dark water and to stand as a shield against any threat.  It means we desire, we need, we crave action.  From the moment we enter the world we are a force, an unyielding, unstoppable force for  . . . something.

Now, at the outset I blamed feminism for toxic masculinity.  Why? Because feminism is destroying our culture’s ability to raise true men.  Let me very blunt – a woman cannot raise a boy into a man.  A woman cannot teach a boy how to handle the flood of passions, energy and seemingly boundless activity that constantly emanates from our testosterone-bathed brains and bodies.  The only she can teach him by experience is how to “act” like a woman, but that doesn’t and cannot change the underlying truth of his nature.  What you end up with is a beta-male who is physiologically overwhelmed by his physiological masculinity but hindered with the emotional temperament of a woman.

This is how you end up with toxic males: overgrown boys who have never been taught the Path of Honor by a man.  The Path can help focus and contain that power into meaningful living.  Sadly, many men use their power inappropriately because they have been taught all of the wrong principles.  They were never been taught what it means to have all of these powerful drivers in their minds and how to control and apply them.  It’s the difference between filling a building with random explosives and a controlled demolition designed to bring the building down in a safe manner.  Both have the same force and same potential, but one is applied randomly and is dangerous to everyone.  The other is contained, purposeful and endangers no one.

That’s the difference between a male raised by an emasculated society and a man raised by men.

When you have an encounter with a beta-male, you have witnessed the logical and natural result of what society is currently designed to produce – a dangerous and unstable, emasculated man.  The reason for the danger is that you cannot change the underlying physiological reality of his nature and all you have accomplished is to strip away or leave out all of the safety mechanisms for helping him adapt to and become a full man.   This will always be the result of men raised in a feminist society.  Feminism cannot produce true masculinity and a male needs true masculinity like we all need air.

But, to be honest, the fault does not belong solely to feminists.  You didn’t know any better or even if you did, you still would not have been able to accomplish this emasculation of our society without the acquiescence if not the outright participation of men.  Your experience is that of being a woman and, honestly, that is all you can pass on to others.  The real blame, however, belongs to men.

That’s right, we may not have created this generation of toxic men, but we did nothing to stop it from becoming a reality either.  We allowed women to encroach on our sacred places. We abandoned the Principles of Brotherhood.  We failed as fathers. We lost sight of the Path of Honor.

Oh, we shook our heads in disgust and we pointed out how immature they were being, but we did not step in and own up to the responsibility of being men ourselves.  “He’s not my son” . . . was justification enough to abandon another young man to his own devices knowing they would inevitably lead to his ruin and cause untold grief and heartache along the way.

It is time for us to follow the first principle of the Path of Honor: “Whether angels or demons come, I stand with my Brothers as One.”

These lost boys are OUR responsibility.

We must step up and show the Path to our younger Brothers.

If you know one – save one.  We can win this battle as we have won all battles – as Brothers!

If we fail at this, we will all fall.

Men – we have to step up!

It’s what we are made for!


Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


Thank you,

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