Gun Control 101: Laws Don’t Prevent Crime!

It is important that we always remember this very critical fact:  Laws are punitive not preventive!

Laws punish behavior.

Laws do NOT prevent behavior.

If laws could actually prevent crimes from occurring, our prisons would be empty and no one would ever be murdered, assaulted, raped or robbed.  After all – its against the law!

Our house got robbed when I was just about 9 or 10 years old.  I still remember the shock of knowing that someone had broken into our home and violated our sense of safety and security.  My dad said something I will never forget; “Locks are for honest people.”

Laws are for law abiding people.

Laws merely set the standard for what a society is not willing to allow and to punish those who choose to violate that common standard.

We don’t want people to murder other people.  By passing a law making murder illegal (i.e. punishable), all we are doing is stating that we disapprove of murder.  We state what the punishment will be but (and let’s be very very clear here) we are NOT actually preventing a murder from occurring.  Again – punitive, not preventive.

Let’s look at the current debate about gun control.   What is it that people are trying to accomplish with gun control?

Here is the problem with gun control legislation.  It is not about punishment.  It does not even attempt to disguise the true intention.  Its purpose is in its name.   It is all about preventing law abiding people from owning guns – in the vain attempt to supposedly prevent criminals from killing people with guns!

It is like banning cars for everyone to prevent drunks from getting behind the wheel.

The problem is not the gun.   The problem is not the law abiding citizens.

The problem is some people will do bad things and LAWS DO NOT PREVENT THIS!

The problem is we take all of our most vulnerable people, children, and put them in a contained environment where they are not protected and cannot protect themselves.

Gun control is NOT crime prevention.  It is disarming of the public by the government in a direct step towards tyranny.

Gun control is ludicrous on its face.

It is about attempting to be preventive of one type of crime by punishing those who are not committing it.   But the person who chooses to use a gun or any other weapon to kill other human beings has already chosen to ignore the laws against murder.

In other words, if the law could not prevent the murder, how does a gun ban prevent gun usage?

It can’t!

Criminals intent on using a gun will find a way to get a gun.  They have already stepped outside of the proscriptions of the law and are determined to act in an illegal manner.  The law does not prevent them from committing crime.

But who exactly does gun control legislation punish?

It punishes the currently law abiding now without preventing the actual  criminal in the future.  The current law abiding citizens who are exercising their intrinsic right of self-protection and their constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms are instead turned into  instant criminals by the passage of gun control laws.

They have not committed any crime. Why should they lose their natural and constitutionally protected rights because of the actions of those who choose to engage in criminal activity?

Removing gun ownership rights will not prevent school shootings just like making drugs illegal does not prevent drug possession, selling or usage.

If we allowed the gun control advocates to have their way and stripped ourselves of the ability to defend ourselves from criminals and tyrants, what would be the outcome?

Would all shootings and gun violence end?


Would school shootings still occur?


What will happen is that we will have made the rest of society as vulnerable and defenseless as we currently have made our very own children.

That is all that gun control will accomplish – the disarming of the people into defenseless victims of criminals and tyrants alike.

I, for one, will not go quietly into that dark night . . . .

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