MS-13 and the Left’s Problem with Moral Equivalency

Nancy Pelosi has rushed to defend the latest victims of Trump’s truth campaign. “Does he not believe in the spark of divinity, the dignity and worth of every person?” Her question/accusation speaks to the heart of the Left’s Achille’s Heel. They must give moral equivalence to everyone and everything that is not aligned with the Right.   This is also illustrated by NCBC’s John Harwood’s comment that “However repugnant their actions, MS-13 gang members are human beings.”

Let’s step back and examine who we are talking about. President Trump recently referred to MS-13 members as being “animals.” The Left, never wanting to waste any opportunity to malign and attack Trump, purposefully tried to twist his words into an attack on all immigrants. This tactic quickly blew up in their faces as the video clip clearly refuted this wild and intentional exaggeration.

Had it ended there, the country would not have had any issue with it. Indeed, we’ve come to expect such behavior from the corporate media and political leftists. No, what is shocking and jarring to the vast majority of Americans is that the Left still insists that calling the members of perhaps the most violent gang in American history “animals” is somehow still morally reprehensible.

Whenever a leftist politician drags out the religious component to attack someone, you know they are digging deep into their bag of tricks out of desperation. Why do I say desperation? Because it is incomprehensible to defend MS-13. They do not try to make themselves out to be angels or at least normal in terms of socially acceptable behavior, so why is the Left trying so hard to do this?

It is for the same reason that they cannot admit that any culture can be better than any other culture. All such comparison must be avoided because to acknowledge that some people who illegally cross our borders are not the type of people we want to have in our society because of their violence and lack of basic human decency would then demand some sort of delineation between who should and who should not be allowed to be here. There’s the rub.

Once they admit some people should not be allowed here, the scale of what is or is not acceptable swings into place and we are right back to the process of legal immigration and its attempts to weigh the social and economic benefit of those seeking to enter the US. And this is not acceptable to them.

This is also why they find any other culture than American culture to be acceptable and all on the same moral footing. Because if they admit that one culture could possibly be better than any other, then the scales swing into place and we judge them based on merits.   This idea of merit is anathema to the Left. And it is why they defend the indefensible and try to make angels of demons.

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