Not Caring About Your Label

For everyone who did not vote for Trump in this election:.

I have, like many of my fellow conservative and libertarian, noticed a fair amount of shock, concern, fear and general panic in the posts, protests and other reactions from those of you on the left. It seems you think that we are all racist, sexist, xenophobic, Islamophobic or some other kind of ism or phobic. Just like you have for decades now, you still completely miss the point and fail to understand who we actually are.

We are the people who don’t care!

Thus is going to come as a shock to you, but we don’t care. It’s true.

We don’t care.

We just do not care.

We don’t care about your labels. We don’t care if you are LGBT. We don’t care if your ethnic heritage is from another continent. We don’t care if your melanin level is different. We don’t care if your first language was not English. We don’t care about what gender you are or how you define your own identity.

You assume because we don’t care about your labels that we don’t care about the person behind those labels. You assume because we don’t care about your labels that we think less of you as a person.
You assume because we don’t care about your labels that we hate or despise you.
You assume because we don’t care about your labels that we wish you harm.
You assume because we don’t care about your labels that we want to strip away your freedom and rights.

Nothing could be further from the truth.  You fail to understand us at all.

That’s why Trump won.

Trump won because he appealed to those of us who don’t care.

Trump had support from EVERY label we don’t care about because labels are useless, pointless and demeaning.

We don’t even care about the labels conservative or libertarian, independent or liberal anymore.

This election was about two ideological battles that are being waged. Globalism versus Nationalism and Individualism versus Statism.

The left ran a deeply flawed candidate who supports globalism and Statism. That candidate did not run on those two issues though. She ran on labels. You who care about personal labels supported her.

The right ran a deeply flawed candidate who supports Nationalism and Individualism. That candidate ran on those two issues. He did not run on labels. Those of us who don’t care about labels supported him.

Your life is defined by your labels. It is understandable that you feel like your very existence is being threatened when so many people don’t vote for the candidate who ran on those labels. But we were not voting against you or your labels. Remember we don’t care about your labels.

What we do care about is our future. Yours and ours. All American futures.

America is a unique country. The rights of the individual rule here. The government is not supposed to rule here. We are supposed to be self governing! That is why we reject the world of labels. The world of labels is divisive and the opposite of self rule. We become something other than a government of, by and for the people! We become subjects of a group defined by a label or the lack of a label. We become much less than people. We become statistics to a government bureaucracy. All rights for every individual are lessened or destroyed in a land of labels.

You are so much more than a label. That label you have been carrying around for so long seems so important to you because the globalists and statists want you to focus only on your label, but that cheapens you.

You, the individual, are more than that word. There are so many dreams, ideas, hopes and plans inside of you. You are full of promise and potential. You are creating the future. You have to decide if you want a future defined by labels or a future filled with individuals free to pursue their own life liberty and happiness.

We don’t care it’s true
About your labels only you
We only care about you
Let us show it’s true

We care about you. All of you. Not your label because labels divide.

We care about you. We dream of a world without labels! We voted for that too!

Leave the labels behind. They are a tool of the globalists and statists. They do not describe the entirety of who you are! They pale in comparison to the wonder that is you! Be you! Be an individualist!

We don’t care about those labels and I hope you can also not care about them too.

If you are scared, we will protect you
If you need a hug, we have an endless supply
If you need help, there are millions of us waiting and wanting to help
If you are afraid for your rights, join the fight for your individual rights and reject the political class filled with globalists and statists!

We do care about you

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