A Republic, If We Can Keep It

As much fun as it is watching the main stream media fall all over itself to explain away the historic loss of the recent election, the discussion regarding the supposed “hacking” of the election is a very dangerous turn in a series of very dangerous accusations.

Consider the danger of the government silencing voices on the internet simply because they may be wrong, different or biased?  As it always is with liberal prescriptions for fixing anything, it is not the end state that is so disagreeable as it is the method by which they propose to arrive at this fictitious utopia.  It always involves taking away someone’s liberty or rights.  This is just par for the course for the political party built on the rationalization of slavery and ruling elites.  The Democrat playbook has not changed at all over the course of its history.  They sincerely believe that they are better suited to run the lives of ordinary people than the people are themselves.  They are the party of arguing that slavery was good because it improved the lives of blacks as compared to their lives as unenlightened savages in Africa.  This new promise of an internet free of “false news” is built on the same concept – Americans are ignorant savages and they would be better off in the “new” internet where we can control what they read and watch.

Where is the respect and deference to individual liberty and individual rights?  Where are the concerns for the Bill of Rights?  Where is the ACLU when the freest form of communication in generations is under threat by a political party bent on silencing the voices of opposition that speak so freely in this domain?  Noticeably silent.

And now this – the Russians are coming!

Of all the reasons the democrats and their media minions have created to avoid dealing with the clear rejection of their politics and of Obama’s agenda for the last eight years, this is the most dangerous in terms of real impact not only to our nation but to the geopolitical reality as well.   Accusing a foreign nation of interfering in our election is fraught with dangers.  They are questioning the integrity of our own electoral process.  It is endlessly fascinating to watch the Democrats flip from a position that the election was valid and accusations of tampering where ridiculous (as long as Hillary was winning) to now claiming that it was obviously hacked because Trump won.   Of note is that they are not accusing the Russians of changing votes or falsifying ballots, but through hacking and releasing emails they unduly influenced the election results.  Let’s be clear, they are saying that because someone (supposedly the bad ruskies) released the truth about the democrat political machinations and efforts into the election rather than the false narrative the Democrats were publicly releasing, this had an undue and bad influence on the election.  In other words, because we learned the truth about the Democrats, the election was unfair.

Is the truth now a danger to the electoral process?  That’s blatantly ridiculous on its face.  That hackers are doing the work of the media is a slap in the face of the traditional media.  Their failure to act as true news agencies tasked with asking the tough questions of all candidates from an objective viewpoint has directly led to the rise of new media platforms via the internet.  Americans want a fair fight, a level playing field.  They do not want a media that is biased, subjective or cheer-leading for a particular political party.  They want falseness illuminated, conflicts of interest divulged and cheating exposed.  They love rooting for the underdog, but despise a cheater or liar.  Americans still believe in honor and integrity.

The democrats and the media no longer have either.  So they are resorting to the basest of appeals – “we lost because Trump cheated”,  well HE didn’t actually cheat, but he is benefiting from someone else cheating . . . and that’s the Russians!  They want him elected! So they cheated!”

As with all accusations from the democrat party, they are great on the WHAT (accusations are easy) but missing the WHEN, WHY, HOW and the PROOF.  That is the proper role and duty of any journalist but it is also the hard work of journalism.  They avoided it entirely with Obama and attempted to do the same with Hillary, but the American public had learned a lot from the failures of the media during Obama’s elections and determined to not rely on the media in the next election. Instead, they sought out new avenues for news and information.  This is what the media and the democrats recognize as the true source of Hillary’s defeat.  They could not from the conversation or control the narrative to push her into power.  Instead they ran into a brick wall of social media based communication that Trumped her false narrative by exposing the truth via leaked emails.

We learned that Hillary cheated, lied, had two faces (public and private) and put American lives at risk for the sake of protecting her ability to control who knew what or read what in her emails.  She was determined to hide the truth from the American people, even if it was benign and harmless truth, and this propensity for lying and hiding is what lost her the election because the new media was doing the work that the traditional media should have been doing all along.

So, the traditional media has learned its lesson and it now returning to true journalism, right?  Well, not actually.  They are still in the tank with the democrat party and are doubling down on the cheating accusation.   They are purposefully continuing to ignore the truth about what was revealed in the emails or the risks and failures of Hillary’s email scandal or the Clinton Foundation issues of foreign influence on American politics.   Those topics alone should completely disqualify Hillary from the White House.  But the media refuses to see that.

Instead they are joining the chorus of Democrat hacks who are clamoring for censorship on the internet to silence those voices they disagree with and in the case of the media threaten their monopoly on news dissemination in the US.   They are not stepping up to do their job better and more objectively. They are choosing to become more politicized and more demagogic in their hatred of average Americans as represented by their choice of Trump.  They are continuing all of their best practices – name-calling, guilt by association, ad homen disparagement, straw man attacks and of course violence.

The media is not being violent themselves, yet.  But they are playing a dangerous game by magnifying the bought and paid for protests of the democrat machine as somehow upright and justified while simultaneously hyping the “dramatic rise” of hate crimes (again long on accusation short on proof) caused by the right.  And they are especially focusing on the fringe wackos that always exist in any election cycle and thus trying to guilt average voters into renouncing their choice of trump.  You can’t possibly have meant to vote for trump – look they are doing a NAZI salute – you’re not a Nazi right?

So hold fast America.  We started a revolution and the fight is not over yet.  We rejected the progressive agenda, we rejected the erosion of our rights and liberties, we rejected the political party establishment of the right and the left, we rejected the false narratives and biased reporting of the MSM – now is not the time to lose heart.

Stand firm!  We have to fight for our rights and freedoms harder than ever before, but as the election has shown, we have power to actually accomplish what we need to accomplish as long as we continue to hold everyone accountable – including Trump.  You must still ignore the inane bleating of the press.  You have to ignore the slings and arrows of accusation.  You have to avoid the reactionary demands of the losers and focus on why we are where we are today.  This is the moment the American people regardless of any label related to identity politics, joins together for individual liberty and American Freedom.  We are a Republic, if we can keep it!

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