Fake News: The Propaganda of Our Time – Part 1

If you think fake news is anything modern or unprecedented, you have failed to listen to the voices of history.    Fake news used to be called exactly what it is: propaganda. It is critical that we take a minute or two and step back from the loud cacophonous sounds of what passes for public debate... Continue Reading →


You are no longer The Media

An open letter to the former media. I know this has been a very trying time for you lately.   Your pundits and pollsters failed you.  Your preferred political party failed you.  Your panels of similarly minded media and movie star personalities failed you.  The candidate you hated and actively campaigned against won and now treats... Continue Reading →

Trump Should Ignore the Media

The mainstream media must now earn the trust of the American people or face extinction as a source of news in this country.  Donald Trump owes his astonishing victory to his brilliant plan to take his message directly to the American people via social media and mass rallies.  Recognizing early on that he could not... Continue Reading →

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