Consider the Source

It has been interesting watching the progressives and party establishment types along with their academic and media acolytes striving to come up with a plausible answer as to why they lost the past election cycle.   I am not just referring to the election of Donald Trump, but also to the complete evisceration of the left’s influence in Congress, state governorships and state legislatures as well as in local elections.

Dad and I pondered on what the series of explanations they would provide would ultimate be.  We did not have long to wait.   First was an attack on the voters by calling them “racists, deplorables, misogynistic, xenophobes, islamaphobes, homophobes” ad nauseum.    It was the same failed approach they had used throughout the election cycle.  Trump is a populist who is dredging up the worst of the worst to vote.  Well, that has proven to not be the case.  Those that voted for Trump come from every city, county and state across the Union.  We are not haters, but we are sick of being talked down to, ignored and belittled by the left and even our supposed party leadership.    We do not care about ethnicity, religion, sexual preferences or any other label the left likes to use to divide the country.  We do care about the poor decisions being made in our name.  We do care about the surrender of our sovereignty and individual rights to the globalists and central bankers of the world.

Second came the threat of violence (bought and paid for by the left’s donor class) to try to taint the outcome as being unrepresentative of the actual “will of the people.”   This quickly proved itself untrue as well as the violence, hatred and bigotry spewed forth by the supposed “protestors” exceeded anything the left had accused Trump supporters of doing.

They also simultaneously tried to play up the fear factor.  Trump is going to deport your family, Trump is going to take away gay rights, Trump is going to establish a white supremacy-based government and wage war on minorities  – run for your lives!!  All hogwash and blatant lies again.  Every time they tried to dredge up some new scare, the intranet and social media dove into every accusation and proved them false again and again.

That brings us to the latest attack.  A variation on the theme of the Russian hackers, they now blame Hillary’s monumental loss to . . . wait for it . . .  Fake News!!  That’s right, we were all duped by Russian hackers and Putin spies into believing false stories about Hillary.  All I ask is consider the source.

Remember – this is the same media that told you Trump would not last the primaries.  They told you Trump would never win the primaries. They told you he couldn’t run an effective campaign because he was hostile to the media.  They told you he would not perform well in the debates.  They told you he would not get any Latino, Black, LGBTQ or women votes.  They told you he had all but lost the election before the voting started.  They told you there was no path to 270 for him.  They told you he would implode under scandals.  They told you he was promoting sexual assault.  They told you he was a racist.  They told you so many things that were not true.  They made up stuff. They created false news based on false leads based on lies.  And this was just what they told you about Trump.  What they told you about Hillary was just as false.

Now where is the proof in the pudding?  Where is the list of false stories?  Where is the tabulation of how they uncovered false news reports and countered them with the true facts?  Well, I’m waiting?

Here is the crux of it.  America does not trust the media.  They went so far into the tank for Hillary that no one in their right mind could ever trust them again to report the news factually and without bias.  As they lied and dragged what was left of their tattered reputations through the slime and filth of their own lies and deceptions, America turned to new sources.  Reputable sources.

The left cannot stand this.  In order for progressives and socialists to accomplish their goals they have to able to control the narrative.  They cannot abide Americans being given the facts and deciding for themselves, because logic and facts are never on their side.  They have to “frame” the conversation and control the flow of information.  Perfect example is the supposed scientific consensus on Man-caused (anthropomorphic) Climate Change.  It is only a majority consensus of those that agree with the supposition that man is changing the climate.  That’s it.  It is not a poll and measure of all climatologists or atmospheric scientists.  It is an agreement on the results of studies conducted by the people who conducted the studies.  “Me and Tom ran this study and we agree that it proves the conclusion we set out to prove.  We also completely agree that we are right.”

So the progressives and establishment had to attack the counter—media.  What better way to do that than to accuse them of being false new sites, bought and paid for by the . . . wait for it . . . Russians!  And then sadly we learned that the fake media (Washington Post) had to admit that their story about the fake news was actually a fake story after all.  So the liars and deceivers in the mainstream media cannot even effectively frame their new competition without it backfiring on them and proving them to be the true source of fake news yet again.  They want to censure the right’s new alternative media because they have to control the narrative.

Please consider the source when the media accuses the alternative media and watch how quickly they move to censorship and defamation to try to convince the public to only trust them.  You see, the plantation based and slavery—themed mindset has never left the Democrat party.  They still believe that they should be allowed to control everything and if they do not approve of it then it must be destroyed, silenced or discredited.  But conservatives?  We don’t call for censorship or banning or anything like that.  We simply call for a voice of our own to counter their voice.  We are happy to have debate and dialogue because we know truth will win out.  As Dad has famously said “Truth never fears a challenge!”

Consider the source – where have all of the falsehoods and lies emanated from for the last few decades?  That’s right.  The mainstream media who acts as the communication arm of the progressives and establishment elites.

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