Multiculturalism is Actually Just “Other-Culturalism” and Leads to Slavery

When collectivists and leftists speak of multiculturalism, it is critical to understand that there is no room in their multiculturalism for our Western Civilization culture founded on the principles of individual liberty.   Their version of “multiculturalism” is nothing more than just “other-culturalism”.  When they speak of the inclusivity of their “other-culturalism”, it is not inclusive of historic American culture.  It is, in truth, a rejection and a replacement of that culture with other cultures supposedly deemed more “worthy” of inclusion.

In their opinion, American culture is evil and negative.  This is the great lie of multiculturalism.  They intentionally hid the truth and propagate the myth that American culture is exclusive and limited.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

It purposefully ignores the fact that any culture which is built on individual liberty is the best possible culture for any and all people because only then are they truly free to live as they choose, worship who they choose, say what they choose and believe what they choose.  Never has a more open and inclusive culture existed on this planet than that of the culture of American exceptionalism created by our founding fathers.

Multiculturalists attempt to persuade people of the legitimacy of their accusation by pointing out the inequality of outcomes for people.  The great swap they try pull is switching the promise of freedom of opportunity for supposedly guaranteed equality of outcome.   This then exposes their actual objective as you will see below.

Multiculturalists actually do not care at all about other cultures.  What they care about is the ability to regulate and the power that comes from that regulatory ability.  It is the same when dealing with such topics as LGBTQ (+++) issues.  They don’t care about the actual people or their individual lives.  They care that by claiming representative power for this group-based identity, they can enact all sorts of regulations and by virtue of gaining this regulatory control, they gain political power over everyone.

That is all that multiculturalism is about – the power to control the lives of people otherwise free to go about living their lives as individuals in a free and open society.  Without regulatory power being at stake, they would not care at all about the topic or the people.  Their primary objective is to utilize identity politics to gain regulatory power and through regulatory power to control the lives and actions of others. But a people free and unhindered by controlling elites will not give up their freedom for meaningless and empty promises.  So, they must tear down the support of the people for a culture based on individual liberty.  That is what they seek – to place chains on the mind so that they can eventually enslave the body.

This destruction of individual liberty is just one of the dangers for Western Civilizations posed by the multiculturalists.  Another danger is the fact that not all cultures are equal or worthy of allowing to spread and flourish.  The multiculturalists can never allow this to become a topic of debate or discussion.  As soon as cultures are compared and deemed better or worse for the individuals living in it, American exceptionalism quickly rises to the top of the stack and certain pre-Middle Ages based cultures would be shown to be the repressive and backward cultures that they actually are.  This would then belie the value of supposed inclusivity and equality proposed by the multiculturalists which in turn would endanger their regulatory agenda.

If some cultures are worse than other cultures, we should then strive to promote and spread the better cultures, right?   Try to get a multiculturalist to agree to that concept and you will quickly discover that they can recognize, but will never admit, the fallacious nature of their own views.   No culture must be recognized as superior to any other, because then logically people would want to emulate the best culture.  American exceptionalism is once again that superior culture.

What they will try to do instead is attack American culture as racist and therefore not a great or exceptional culture worthy of promoting and protecting.

Here are some factual arguments to counter those false accusations.

The accusation is that America is a racist country. No, that is not true.  We are not a racist country.  There are racist individuals around to be sure, but they are the exception, not the rule.  Furthermore, it is against the law to discriminate based on race or ethnicity in any public or commercial activity.

But more than that, American is one of the few, arguably only, countries:

  • with a major political party founded for the express purpose of abolition of slavery
  • that fought a war to free all slaves which cost more American lives than all of our other wars combined
  • whose founding father limited the power of slave owners to control the political process through slave votes by limiting the efficacy of those controlled and coerced votes (3/5 rule)
  • with a Bill of Rights that is applied equally to all people

That’s right, more white Americans died in our internal struggle to resolve the issue of slavery once and for all and to free all slaves than died to defeat Hitler and the Nazis.   Think about what that says about our true heart and how we really feel about each other.  Three quarters of a million white Americans died in the fight to free 4 million black slaves.  One white American died for every 5 slaves freed.   You don’t hear that statistic anywhere in the discussion on racism, do you?  Why don’t the multiculturalists ever discuss this historical fact when speaking of our past?

Not only did the Republican party wage a war to end slavery and preserve the Union, they went on to elect the first black political office holders, fought against the resurgence of the Democrat party and their KKK militant arm and opposed the imposition of Jim Crow laws and other devices created by the Democrats to wrest political control back from the recently freed slaves and the Republican party.

From the 1860’s to the 1960’s white and black Republicans together continued the fight to end the racist actions of the Democrat party despite constant opposition from powerful Democrat forces.  Slowly they turned the tide and by the 1960’s, desperate for a way to wrest the moral high ground from the Republicans, LBJ finally allowed the passage of the Civil Rights act that the Republicans had been fighting to pass for decades.

The Democrat party – long in favor of controlling the black voter first as a slave, then as a second class citizen – turned to political favors and financial incentives to woo the black voter from the Republicans who would not promise the same monetary freebies.  The Republicans could only promise what all Americans have been promised – the equal opportunity to live as you individually saw fit.  The shift in the 1960’s was not a shift in political party platforms, but a shift in the Democrat party from a hard control of the black voter to the soft tyranny of political promises in an more nuanced and subtle effort to still control the black voter.

Is it any wonder then, that every city that has been under Democrat control is the worst possible place for a black American to live?  Democrats are great at promises, but they can never deliver what the Republicans fought for and still fight for – individual liberty and the freedom to make of yourself anything you desire and are willing to work for.

The Democrats just want that regulatory control – the power to tell other people what to do, how to live, what they can say, what they can eat, where they can live.  The Democrat party has ALWAYS been and still is the party of slavery.  They love to be the elite masters whose “kind and benevolent” hands both punish and reward their subjects.   Think this is an exaggeration?  Just look at the types of laws they love to pass.  Every piece of legislation they support and pass limits choice to a sanctioned few, punishes for individual action outside of the prescribed rules and rewards those who are willing to support their continued power.

That is the exact same thing as being owned as a slave.   The Democrat party has never left the plantation mindset.  It is the only way they know how to view the world.  They see themselves as better than the average person and the rightful rulers over the lesser humans below them.

It is for this reason then, that they seek to destroy the concept of American exceptionalism based on individual liberty.  If each person finally recognizes they are rightfully their own master and they are not subject to the controls of anyone else, then the battle Lincoln started on behalf of slaves will finally be won – Emancipation from the tyranny of the Democrats.

For this reason, we must resist the siren call of multiculturalism – not to protect “white” America – but to protect America for all Americans.

America is special.

America is exceptional.

America is liberty!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Thank you,

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