If you are not a man, stop talking about masculinity. If you are a man, start!

If you are not a male, stop talking about masculinity.  There, I said it. I stand by it as well. If you are not a man, your only insight into masculinity is your narrow, personal subjective experiences with a minuscule representation of men.  In other words, you don’t know anything about the topic beyond your... Continue Reading →

A Republic, If We Can Keep It

https://youtu.be/gS8WWdXS5uI As much fun as it is watching the main stream media fall all over itself to explain away the historic loss of the recent election, the discussion regarding the supposed “hacking” of the election is a very dangerous turn in a series of very dangerous accusations. Consider the danger of the government silencing voices... Continue Reading →

America – Land of the Individual!

Final thought on the election. Regardless of which candidate you supported, regardless of the outcome, the fact of the matter is that government will not and the government CANNOT fix America. What is broken, breaking or strained in this country is a result of all of us who make up this great nation.   America... Continue Reading →

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