Dr. Charles Murphy

Dr. Murphy was born and reared in southwestern Oklahoma, attended high school in Blackwell, Oklahoma, and college at Oklahoma State University, earning the BA in International Relations and the MA in Public Administration.  He took his Ph.D. in International Relations at the University of Tennessee, and completed 18 hours of post-doctoral work at Middle Tennessee State University. Dr. Murphy also graduated from Temple Baptist Theological Seminary and served as co-pastor and pastor for more than six years in Oklahoma. Dr. Murphy is an inactive Marine and a former officer with the Central Intelligence Agency and has been teaching college for more than 35 years, holding the rank of Professor and serving as department chair for more than twelve years at Tennessee Temple University.  During a change of administration Dr. Murphy was called upon to serve as acting Vice President for Academic Affairs for two years.  Dr. Murphy began a new Political & Strategic Studies major at TTU, which is an intensive 140-hour program designed to produce “virtuous and disinterested servant leaders,” based upon Dr. Murphy’s motto that “truth never fears a challenge.” Dr. Murphy was asked to join the faculty at Liberty University for the fall of 2005 to help staff the new Helms School of Government, and establish a Strategic and Intelligence Studies program which includes trips each semester to attend prestigious meetings such as the foreign/military/diplomatic/intelligence symposia conducted by the National Defense University, the Association of Former Intelligence Officers, and others.

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