Fake News – Propaganda in Our Day: Part 3 – Glittering Generalities

Democracy! Freedom! Justice! Patriotic! Scientific! Love! What do all of these terms have in common?   They all have a variety of meaning depending on context, intention and actual usage.  They can all mean different things to different people. The propagandist relies on the comfort and familiarity of these words to put the intended audience at... Continue Reading →

Fake News – Propaganda in Our Day: Part 2 – Name Calling

The repertoire of the propagandist is actually quite limited but the myriad variations of this limited number of tools is astounding.  As I mentioned in Part 1 of this series, the IPA delineated 7 specific devices or tactics employed by the propagandist.  Here is that list again with a brief description of each: Name Calling... Continue Reading →

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